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Wastewater Treatment Study – Meander Valley, Tasmania

Study to identify appropriate treatment options for Small Villages within the Meander Valley Municipality. The study involved consideration of both on-site and community system options and the identification of appropriate locations, methods and costs for innovative sewerage servicing of small villages in the study area.

On-Site Servicing Study, Coongulla-Glenmaggie, Victoria

This study involved a review of existing on-site disposal systems including site audits, assessing minimum on-site land area requirements based on risk analysis of site constraints, identification of appropriate on-site servicing options and community schemes and P20 capital, operating and net present cost analysis.

Development of a policy document, technical guidelines, a biogeophysical GIS site suitability model for decentralised wastewater solutions and concept designs for two Priority Sewage Program villages for Sydney Water

This project initiated development of the Decentralised Sewage Model (DSM) which we have subsequently used to evaluate the site opportunities and servicing options for numerous other villages in NSW, VIC and TAS. The project involved thorough research of available technologies, management models and construction, operation

Coomba Park catchment improvement project

This project assessed the nature and extent of impact of on-site systems on surface water and groundwater and investigated the impacts of on-site system density. Systems in a densely developed lakeside village were mapped using GIS and surface drainage systems mapped and monitored to determine